Michigan Board Certified Opticians

Michigan Board Certified Opticians are skilled and experienced Opticians who have proven they possess the hands on skills required to fit and dispense eyewear properly. MBCO certification requires ABOC certification (or 20+ years on the job), the successful passing of a hands on practical examination, and continuing education to ensure that the MBCO is maintaining and expanding their skill set.

Michigan Board Certification is a benefit to the Optician, Consumers, and the optical industry as a whole.

EyeCare Professionals

Michigan Board Certified Opticians save a practice money by having the skills and experience to save chair time by preventing and correcting problems. Every dispensing optical practice would benefit from an MBCO. If you are not in need of new staff, encourage your existing staff to become MBCO, thus exposing them to continuing education, pride in their profession, and a better awareness of the industry in which they are a part of. The MBCO test is given twice a year at our Spring and Fall events. Register using the event registration forms when they become available for each event. Testing includes: – Lens Verification – Frame adjustment – Progressive and Occupational lens fitting – Lens identification – Lifestyle dispensing – Troubleshooting Successful completion of the exam will earn you a certificate valid for three years. Continue your education with ABO continuing education courses, as well as advanced opticianry courses provided exclusively through the Opticians Association of Michigan at our Spring and Fall annual conventions.


Michigan Board Certified Opticians have the skills to make eyewear you need properly, can introduce you to technologies that may better serve your needs, and help to provide you with the follow-up care to make your eye care experience a better experience. You can feel confident that your Michigan Board Certified Optician is competent and will meet your specific visual needs with skill and professionalism. If you need help finding an MBCO, please contact the OAM and we will help you to find the nearest MBCO.

Our Mission

To enhance the professional advancement of opticians for the benefit of the patients we serve.


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